Ways of charitable assistance to sick children

I will not offer help in solving your problems – techniques, trainings, recipes for mental balance, rethinking life, diet. I want to offer help in solving other people’s problems. Children. Our future. Let’s forget for a moment about our loved ones, who broadcast their own “Self” to all corners of the universe, let’s think about others.

Our children – our future – our flowers of life. Unfortunately, not all of them have full families, health, happy childhood. Often children are deprived of almost everything, abandoned to the sidelines of life careless parents, family tragedies, accidents, indifference of the state. Orphans, disabled children, children on the verge of life and death. How terrible it is to be unwanted, unloved, hungry, sick, having no ray of hope in your heart. Imagine your child in such conditions. How does your loving parent’s heart shrink? The most terrible thing that we can react to such children is indifference. Just to pass by, without trembling a single fiber of the soul. And participation and empathy can save little souls, make at least one person happy. Think only: to save a child’s life, to warm his soul, to teach him to rejoice in life. But it is not difficult to help at all. There are many ways to do this, even the poorest and busiest person can contribute to the rescue of a child. From the world by thread – a poor shirt. Many people wrongly believe that charity is the fate of rich people throwing money, “laundering” sins. This is not the case, and you will see for yourself.

Ways of charitable assistance to sick children

I will start with the fact that it is enough just to want to help – selflessly, from the soul, at the behest of your heart. The rest is a matter of time and opportunity. I am glad that now all over the world a lot of public funds have been created and are being created to help orphans, disabled people, sick children. There are funds that specialize in certain childhood diseases, and there are those that help all children who come into their sight.

How to help?

The first way is to help.
Monetary aid As a rule, all serious organizations have websites with detailed information about the assistance that is needed. There are also details for money transfer. It can be a bank transfer, transfer through terminals, sms, webmani and yandex money, paipal, etc. There are many ways to pay. Sometimes, to really help, you just need to click a couple of times and transfer a little money. Sometimes, the fund makes souvenirs and other products, and if you buy them, you will also provide substantial assistance. Do not be afraid that your money will be lost. In serious organizations, a strict record is kept of every penny and reports are posted on the site. In particular, you can ask them to provide a report on the money you have transferred.

The second way.
Often, many organizations are asked to bring, send what they need: furniture, toys, linens, clothes, shoes, food, diapers. Many of us children have grown up, and decent clothes, toys and books have become unnecessary – do not be lazy to take them to a charity organization, these things are so necessary for others. If there is no such organization in the city, you can send a parcel that will not cost you too much. Sometimes children’s centers need certain things, their list can be found on the sites – if you have them, and you no longer need them.

Ways of charitable assistance to sick children

Way 3.
Volunteer assistance is especially popular among young people, who have nothing else to transfer to the account. Volunteer service at various charitable organizations works directly with children. Volunteers spend holidays with them, lead circles, just visit, friends, correspond, take pictures and photo albums, look after the children, in short, do everything to make the little man feel comfortable in a friendly environment. After all, it is known that if a sick person is in good spirits, then he recovers much faster. Volunteer help is that kind of help, which requires nothing but a loving warm heart. To come to read a fairy tale to a child, to talk to him about life, to walk in the park, to arrange a birthday party is such a small thing for a big man and a great joy for a child. Think about it – and you could take part in it.

Way Four.
Nanny Many parents of children with serious illnesses face the problem of taking care of their child at work. It is especially difficult if the parent of the child is alone. To solve this problem many parents unite to take turns sitting with the children. Your help in an emergency case could also be useful.